Conference objectives


III Wrocław Conference in Finance WROFIN will be held in Wrocław between 13th and 14th of September 2017. The participants of the conference are the leading representatives of academia, practitioners at the corporate finance, financial and insurance markets. The conference is a continuation of the two long-standing conferences: INVEST (Financial Investments and Insurance) and ZAFIN (Financial Management – Theory and Practice).

The Conference constitutes a vibrant forum for presenting scientific ideas and results of new research in the areas of investment theory, financial markets, banking, corporate finance, insurance and risk management. Much emphasis is put on practical issues within the fields of finance and insurance.


  • Integration of the scientific community and practitioners involved in different areas of finance
  • Presentation of the latest research results in the field of finance
  • Exchange of ideas and experience of the research and work in financial institutions
  • Identification of new scientific research areas and practical challenges (for example ethics in finance, sustainable finance)
  • Training and development of the academic staff


  • Financial markets
  • Banking
  • Monetary policy
  • Corporate finance
  • Personal finance
  • Public finance
  • Risk management
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Quantitative methods in finance and economics