We would like to inform you, that possibility of uploading extended version (for publication in Scientific Papers of Wrocław University of Economics) of your papers from WROFIN 2017 conference is now open.

Remember, that you can upload this version only using SENIR system ( You can find instruction for this system on the website of our publishing house ( (SENIR for authors). After registering and login in SENIR please choose PN WROFIN 2017 for uploading your paper (My articles tab, Propose an article).

You can find template for extended version and instruction on site

When you use template, to change the title or keywords in accordance with what you enter in the file properties, you must click Update box after right click on the appropriate box in Word file.

You must convert the file to pdf format to be included. Please remember that first version should be anonymous!

Deadline for upload is 10-10-2017.

If you have any question or problem, feel free to contact dr Daniel Papla (


We are pleased to inform you that we prepare trip to Hydropolis for all willing participants ( Hydropolis is a place where diverse multimedia technologies, interactive installations, faithful replicas and models, as well as touch screens providing extensive information, serve one purpose – to show water from various fascinating perspectives.

We kindly invite WROFIN participants to take part in the workshops on the R package programming, which will precede the Conference (12.09.2017; 14:30-18:00). The workshop includes the Monte Carlo simulations and its application in options’  valuation, as well as, the construction and verification of the Markowitz portfolio. The workshop will be carried out by dr hab. Andrzej Dudek.

The workshop is free of charge for Conference’s participants. Please register via  Conftool system (


„Proceedings from the 2nd International Conference in Finance, Wroclaw September 2016” in Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics available NOW


We encourage young scientist to take part in Special Ph.D Track during WROFIN Conference – with DISCOUNTED FEE!


New information about ours AWARDS. You can’t miss it!