The Main Partner of the Conference BNY Mellon is an investment company. To our customers we deliver investment management services, investment services and assets management services. We help institutions and individuals to succeed on world markets. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where we provide services from the beginning of the twentieth century, we deliver services to a broad range of clients seeking access to global capital markets. Polish Global Service Center is constantly growing location, which serves as a support for other BNY Mellon entities mainly in the fields of funds accounting and investment operations.
The Partner of the Conference Central Securities Depository of Poland (KDPW ) is a central institution responsible for the management and supervision of the depository, clearing and settlement system for financial instruments trading in Poland. The trading follows the world’s example, including the introduction of total dematerialisation of securities. Central Securities Depository of Poland is responsible for the settlement of transactions concluded on the regulated and alternative trading systems. KDPW also offers a wide-range of services for issuers, including intermediation in dividend payment for shareholders, assimilation, change, conversion and split of shares, and processing of subscription rights. Since November 2012, KDPW has also offered the trade repository service which enables all entities legally obliged to report their derivatives contracts, according to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), to fulfil this duty. For that reason, in 2013, KDPW started to issue LEI codes. The KDPW Trade Repository (KDPW_TR) is one of the first four such institutions to be registered in Europe and the only one operating in the CEE Region. Central Securities Depository of Poland plays also an important role in creating operational links which enable foreign securities to be dual-listed on WSE. It has 19 links with foreign depository institutions.
The Sponsor of the Conference The Polish Development Fund (PFR) is a financial group which offers instruments supporting the development of companies, local governments and individuals, and invests in sustainable social development and national economic growth. The mission of PFR as a Polish promotional financial institution is to implement programmes enhancing the long-term investment and economic potential and supporting equal opportunities and environmental protection. For more information visit the web www.pfr.pl/en